We had a good turnout with 19 entrants. However, fishing was tough but some figured it out.
Congrats to Tyler Hansen for the win, Eric Lidsey with 2nd and Morgan Rowe for 3rd.

First Place

Name Count Weight
Tyler Hansen 3 8.38

Second Place

Name Count Weight
Eric Lindsey 3 8.31

Third Place

Name Count Weight
Morgan Rowe 2 4.51

Big Fish

Name Weight
Tyler Hansen 3.62 lbs.

Remaining Field

Place Name Count Weight
4 Andrew Johnson 1 3.31
5 Justin Johnson 1 3.28
6 Tolliver Harden 1 2.55
7 Derek Adams, Rian Corne, Justin Rowe, Scott Sarto, Aaron Clogston, Carlos Palau 0
8 Lisa Johnson, Bob Johnson, Chris Kaiser, Stephon Cannon, Byron Arguenta, Brandon Thomas, Mike Malloy 0

* Penalty accessed.