Electric only bass clubs are common in the Midwest and Southern parts of the United States. These clubs introduce bass fishing to anglers who would not normally join a big boat club. The Washington State Pond Jumperz Bass Club was created to offer this type of opportunity to anglers here in Northwest Washington. We believe our idle only format levels the playing field for large and small boat anglers.


At the core of our membership, we are anglers who are more than willing to share bass fishing information with other members. We are all here to learn more about this great sport. We all strive to be stewards of the land. We practice catch and release fishing, believe in the preservation of bass habitat and strive to positively promote the sport of bass fishing.

WSPJ Advantage

Founded in 2010, we try to provide our members an alternative to standard clubs and tournament formats. We were the first electric motor only club in the state. In 2016 we made the change from electric only to idle only allowing the use of outboard motors but with restrictions. We still believe this creates a level playing field between small and large boat anglers.


Our tournaments follow most standard bass tournament rules with a few exceptions. The use of an outboard motor is restricted to idle only during our tournaments. Outboard motors shall be put in gear with no applied throttle, a 5mph top speed, providing an idle only use. We think this provides a level, competitive platform for all anglers regardless of the size of boat. A working live well is required for all participating boats. Help with live well construction information is available.

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