Our 4th Team Terrell Opener was to say the least brutal. Thank you to all the 25 teams who participated.

However after a tough day, Morgan & Justin Rowe came to play with their first touney as members and a win!  

Stephon Cannon and Byron Arguetz took big bass and 2nd place.

Carlos Palau and Tolliver Harden came in 3rd.

Due to Covad-19 we don't know at this time if we will be holding our next tournament. Our country must defend itself againt this insidious virus. We're all in this together. Please be patient, follow as best you can the current government guidelines. We will win this and fish again. God Bless America.


First Place

Name Count Weight
Justin Rowe and Morgan Rowe 2 5.38

Second Place

Name Count Weight
Stephon Cannon and Byron Arguetz 1 4.73

Third Place

Name Count Weight
Carlos Palau and Tolliver Harden 2 4.06

Big Fish

Name Weight
Stephon Cannon and Byron Arguetz 4.73 lbs.

Remaining Field

Place Name Count Weight
4 Aaron Weinberg and Tyler Wasilewski 1 2.83
5 Casey Muhlhauser and Joe Rose 1 2.42
6 Chris Kaiser and Mike Malloy - Robert Mann and Matt Johnson - Tony LaFranco and Adam Gabehouse 0 0
7 Travis Avery and Russ Avery - Aet But and Menghong But - Trevor Radach and Travis Miller - Bob Johnson and Lisa Johnson 0 0
9 Eric Lindsey and Steven Russell - Sean Hardison and John Oliver - Bill Watts and Kyle Watts - Adam Stevenson and Dominick Macri 0 o
10 Andrew Reeves and Shane Reeves - Brandon Thomas and Rich Pratt - Will Tomlinson and Andrew Puckett - Justin Johnson and Ian Wilson 0 0
11 Thongpun But and Dan Haddrell DNW 0

* Penalty accessed.