08/05/2019 Meeting Notes

 A. Proposals on how to get more club participation at meetings 

     1) Each member receives a ticket/voucher that is drawn at the final tournament  for a grand prize, such as a rod, etc. How to implement the numbering  system, ideas were a basic number to be catalogued or a raffle ticket to  be handed out at the meeting.

     2) Each member receives AOY points for attendance

     End: Proposal tabled with most interest going to the Grand Prize idea.

 B. Proposal for a WSPJ Instagram page. End: Proposal tabled for further club discussion.

 C. Proposal for end of year BBQ or cookout. Pot luck with everyone bringing something. Locations were discussed. End: Proposal passed and tabled until next meeting when details will be finalized. 

 D. Proposal to support our military and/or kids with a fishing event. 1) Create an event. 2) Contact Roy Hawes to inquire about his involvement in those events to lend support. End: Proposal passed and tabled for further club discussion.

 E. Discussed the new logo design. Entries are due soon.

 F. 2020 Camping trip location was revealed. Nope, not going to tell you, you should have come to the meeting!

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